The "Unfair Advantage" of Conversational hypnosis in sales and leadership. 

In some of our seminars and workshops, participants have said they feel that NLP gives them an "unfair advantage" because you learn how to use Conversational hypnosis language patterns in leadership and sales.  

Does it? 

Hypnosis is a natural state of deeply focused attention, frequently combined with relaxation and vivid imagery. Most people go in and out of hypnotic states every day. 

When you attend the NLP Business Practitioner you will learn Hypnosis in Sales or Leadership is often simply a matter of using others own self-induced states of hypnosis to guide his attention and actions.

In sales Hypnosis will enable you to HOLD the customer's attention, FOCUS the customer's attention, and to create positive and LASTING IMPRESSIONS in the customer's mind. It also enables you to greatly INCREASE SUGGESTIBILITY so that prospects will be much more likely to follow your instruction or buy from you.

Top Leaders and sales people utilise NLP language patterns and they do so in a natural, conversational manner because the techniques are "invisible" to the untrained ear, the listener does not consciously recognize them.

All Covert NLP techniques are natural and comfortable methods of communication. They are not tricky sales techniques. Everyone has used these techniques at some point in his or her life. Previously, you didn't know you were using them—and you didn't know how to use them systematically.

We hope to give you the power to change that. What the NLP Business Practitioner offers is a proven means of increasing your powers of sales persuasion. By increasing your knowledge of hypnotic selling techniques, you will become more systematically persuasive and more successful.

Does sales hypnosis give you an unfair advantage?

Yes, it does give you a real advantage, but it is not unfair.

In our professional opinion, hypnosis in sales is ethical and necessary. It is being used every day by top sales people, politicians, religious leaders, executives and other successful communicators.

Simply ignoring it will not make it go away.