Chris Adlam is an experienced NLP Master Practitioner and NLP training facilitator. He is currently the President  of Cape Town Toastmaster’s  and an enthusiastic speaker and presenter.  Chris worked for many years in journalism at The Star newspaper in Johannesburg.  After leaving journalism, Chris was successful in property investments and other start up businesses. A course in NLP changed his life’s direction. Today, Chris is passionate about personal growth and the pursuit of excellence through the practice of NLP. He travels all over South Africa changing other people’s lives, and transforming businesses through sharing the magic of NLP through the NLP Business Practitioner course.

 Chris says, “I wanted to take NLP out of therapy, and demonstrate how you can transform your life using NLP in the real world. I discovered that many of my clients’ problems were communication problems. People in sales were told to go out and sell and never shown how. Executives where burning out because they could not communicate effectively to their staff. People where broken, because they could not communicate with their partners or their children. These problems were often not their fault. It was not that they couldn't communicate, just that nobody had showed them how.”

 In NLP the quality of your communication is measured by the quality of the response you get. The responses most people get are awful, because they do not have the awareness, tools or techniques to manage their communication effectively.

 The NLP Business Practitioner gives people a new level self-awareness. Sales people learn how to sell. Leaders and managers learn how to be better leaders. People’s lives have been transformed because they have a greater understanding of themselves and others. They also have new tools and techniques that they can utilise to be more successful.  

" Most  people want to  learn the magic of NLP  and  are concerned about the cost. That is why we have made it more affordable.  The NLP  Business  Practitioner is the best value for money you can get, because looking back the cost will be insignificance, compared to  how much you have benefited. Imagine having a more successful life  because you know NLP.  Priceless ! "